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In the castle of Meinhest, chimeras show up and attack everywhere... Raise and slain all of them, and try to restore the peace in the world of Asmoran ! 

Chimeira is a metroidvania with elements of RPG, and Dark Souls inspired elements.


  • Sphere grid progression system
  • Runes spells learnable killing ennemies
  • Intense fighting with dashes and combos
  • Die and retry
  • NPC quests and dialogs
  • Scenario impacting choices
  • Multi language



Chimeira Menheist - Demo version 13 MB

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Walking backwards key is set to 'Q' instead of 'A' for some reason and the protagonist's bouncing tits (?) are not synchronized to the idle animation. But otherwise, this looks promising.

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Thanks for the feedback, this version was a test and it has some features fixed now in the actual version. I think I'll upload it next week.

I'm on the true demo version, I made a lot of improvements and fixed tons of bugs,  and gamepad support is fully fonctionnal (even ps4 controllers).

The bouncing tits were just a troll to the AAA games with all those girls with big tits bouncing everywhere, I removed it (forgot to remove it from this version, sorry).

For the keys, I'm french so it's designed for azerty keyboard, but it's better to set it on qwerty by default and to enable players to remap the controls, I will add this in the options.